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Network Impedance Matching Calculator

Network Impedance Matching Calculator.


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Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Modules, Receiver & Transceiver Modules and Accessories in 868 MHz | EnOcean - Products

Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Modules, Receiver & Transceiver Modules and Accessories in 868 MHz | EnOcean – Products

Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Modules, Receiver & Transceiver Modules and Accessories in 868 MHz | EnOcean – Products.


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Energy Harvesting Wireless Technology for Home and Building Automation – EnOcean Alliance.

The EnOcean Alliance develops and promotes self-powered wireless monitoring and control systems for sustainable buildings by formalizing the interoperable wireless standard.

  • Profile
    The wireless standard for sustainable buildings – No Wires. No Batteries. No Limits.
  • Board of Directors
    Get to know Board of Directors of the EnOcean Alliance.
  • Our Members
    Promoters, Paticipants and Associates of the EnOcean Alliance

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EE Times – 10 Projects Showcasing the Raspberry Pi\’s Versatility.


10 Projects Showcasing the Raspberry Pi’s Versatility

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Sonix Technology Co., Ltd.


Wireless multimedia processor



Sonix SN93300 series is a 2.4GHz wireless multi-media processor that target on wireless transmission for video, audio and data applications. It supports at least 3 popular types of 2.4GHz RF transceiver, including Nordic® nRF24L01, AMICCOM® A7121, MuChip® MV400. Within bandwidth limit of 2Mbps, 3Mbps and 4Mbps data rate for each brand RF transceiver, SN93300 supports 1-way video, 2-way audio and 2-way data transmission. SN93300 implements most popular LCD panel interfaces and supports ISP CMOS sensor interface. For PC peripheral applications, it supports USB 1.1 interface and follow UVC/UAC driver-less class compliance of Microsoft® XP® SP2 or VISTA® OS.



  • Support 2.4GHz ISM band FSK RF transceivers.
  • Firmware protocol base adaptive FHSS (frequency hopping spreading spectrum). Meet telecommunication regulations.
  • FCC 15.247
  • CE ETSI EN 300 328-1
  • Built-in baseband supports antenna diversity for receiver.
  • Built-in PLL for internal clock generation with input crystal frequency of 12MHz.
  • Built-in wake up function for remote power-on/off control.
  • Using external serial flash to store customized code and data.
  • No external SDRAM needed.
  • Path delay from Tx camera to Rx display has less than 0.1 second for video and audio.
  • Remote command delay has less than 0.01 second.
  • Packages of LQFP 48/80/100
  • USB 1.1 interface.
  • USB Video Class 1.1 compliant.
  • USB Audio Class 1.0 compliant.
  • Support ISP CMOS sensor interface with 16-bit YUY2 format.
  • 1/2, 1/4 image scaling function to keep fully view angle for small size panel.
  • Support 1.5X or 2X digital zoom-in function for VGA sensor.
  • For VGA sensor, combined scaling and windowing function provides similar view angle for QVGA/QQVGA output format.
  • Built-in JPEG codec.
  • Built-in TV encoder.
  • Support image DSP technology to eliminate blocking effect.
  • Support digital microphone interface to eliminate MIC interference by RF antenna.
  • Support snapshot function and store images in serial flash.
  • Preview snapshot by
  • LCD panel
  • PC software via USB download
  • Receiver image frame rate
  • Max. 30 frame/sec @ QQVGA
  • Max. 30 frame/sec @ QVGA
  • Max. 15 frame/sec @ VGA
  • Support OSD (On Screen Display).
  • Maximum 128 characters.
  • Each character has 16×16 or 8×8 dot matrix option.
  • Each character has 4 colors, 1 background color and transparency option.
  • Support panel types: TFT/CSTN/LTPS
  • Video output interfaces:
  • UPS051
  • RGB Dummy
  • 8080 IF (CPU IF)
  • Parallel RGB (8 bit x 3)
  • YUV422 (Sensor IF)
  • BT601 (output h-sync, v-sync, 8/16 bit data, 13.5MHz clock)
  • BT656 (output 8 bit data, 27MHz clock)
  • CVBS
  • Video input interfaces:
  • YUV422 (Sensor IF)
  • BT656
  • Built-in 4 of 10 bit, 8K/16K sampling rate ADC for microphone, AD key, battery detection and general purpose analog input.
  • Built-in 10 bit, 8K/16K sampling rate DAC for analog audio output.
  • Support GPIO and PWM pin for local or remote control.
  • PWM pins support stepper motor control.
  • Each GPIO has wakeup capability.
  • Support multiple ID for security.
  • System current assumption:
  • Camera-site : 100mA~200mA (RF+PA+SN93300+Sensor)
  • Monitor-site : 100mA~200mA (RF+PA+SN93300+Panel)

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ITE Tech. Inc.

IT9500: ccHDtv Transmitter


IT9500 is a series of highly integrated transmitter for ccHDtv camera, and other personal, community, or professional digital TV head-end applications. The core of IT9500 is a DVB-T COFDM modulator. The high level of integration of IT9500 significantly decreases the power consumption, board size and cost of modulators in digital TV transmitter. With IT9500, a low cost, low power, compact, reliable, high bandwidth and wireless (or wired) full HD delivery solution is easily achieved.

IT9500 offers very low total bill of materials (BOM) solutions. It includes processing units for forward error correction coding and digital modulation, D/A IQ converter, low-pass filters, and local oscillator for the external mixer. IT9500 series also supports flexible input interfaces, including embedded USB 2.0 interface, and serial/parallel TS interface input/output with built-in de-multiplexer.

IT9500 series is compliant to the non-hierarchical transmission specified in DVB-T (ETSI EN 300 744). A (204,188) Reed-Solomon encoder capable of correcting 8 error bytes is used to generate parity bytes for each input TS packet. The code rates of the punctured convolution encoder include 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, and 7/8. Only native interleaving is used in IT9500. The output signal bandwidth is configurable from 2 MHz to 8 MHz. The supported signal constellations include QPSK, 16-QAM, and 64-QAM. FFT modes of 2k and 8k and guard intervals of 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, and 1/32 specified in EN 300 744 are supported. The transmission parameters are register-programmable, and are embedded in the Transmission Parameter Signaling (TPS) information as required by EN 300 744.

A complete set of application programming interface (API) is available, facilitating fast and easy integration into products on Windows Mobile, Windows CE, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Vista, Linux, and many other operating systems.Furthermore, a complete set of USB drivers for Windows 8/7/XP/Vista, Windows Mobile/CE, and Linux are providedfor IT9500.



nETSI, DVB-T/H (EN 300 744 V1.5.1) Compliant baseband transmitter for Digital Terrestrial Television

nConfigurable code rate: 1/2,2/3,3/4,5/6,7/8

nProgrammable QPSK, 16-QAM and 64-QAM Symbol Mapping

nConfigurable support for 2k and 8k FFT

nProgrammable Guard Interval (1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32)

nSupports variable channel band width from 2 MHz to 8 MHz

nZero I/F complex base band I/Q output with integrated DAC and anti-aliasing filter

nMER > 40dB

nCarrier Suppression > 50dB

nSpectrum Shoulders: 55 dB for perfect adjacent-channel operations

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ccHDtv – 解決方案 – DTV CAM

Full HD DTV CAM Block Diagram

Features for DTV CAM

  • Versatile Medium
    • Air (wireless)
    • Coaxial Cable
    • Twisted Cable
    • Parallel / Twin lead / Ladder Cable
  • Deliver Full HD 1920x60p video and audio
  • Long Distance, RG-6 up to 500M+, w/o repeater
  • A single cable for
    • Transmit 100+ Cam’s HD 1920X11080X60P Video / Audio
    • AC / DC Power on cable (POC) design
    • Full duplex PTZ command control
    • Full duplex audio support
    • CVBS video for backward compatible DVR
  • Low cost transceivers
  • Well approved and mature transmission protocol
    • Cost-effective peripheral components, test equipment, debug tools
  • Ultra Low Transmission Latency, 2ms


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